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VCR / DVR Security Video Recorders
Time Lapse VCR, 24 hr recording, DVR - Digital Video Recorder, Remote site Video Surveillance,
PC based, Embedded, Mobile 12VDC, Ethernet Network DVR, USB, SD card, DSL, Internet, LAN,
Hot Swappable Hard Drive Recording, CD-RW, 12V mobile in car, DVR, bus portable recorder.
12 volt mobile dvr for school bus, mta public transportation mass transit, emergency vehicle.

Specials: Compact 12vdc 8-channel H.264 mobile dvr for car, bus, truck, boat, $459
Dual power 120vac or 12vdc 8-channel dvr with IP Network, 3G mobile view Only $139

Security Digital Video Recorders at lower price than competitive products

Fully loaded PC based DVR at super low price. Shop around and compare!

PC Based DVRs with input for up to 48 cameras with
audio recording.

Each system is fully equiped with HDD, DVD-RW, LAN,
keyboard, mouse. Support for web remote viewing and
system control, camera PTZ control. View several DVRs
on LAN or Internet. Case with 5 internal Hard Drive bays.
1 HDD installed. Additional factory installed HDD add up
to 3 Terabytes of storage. Monitor not included.

See product info below.

Download Windows Media Video file DVRvideoclip.wmv (1.55 MB)
4 - 48 input DVR w/ audio, 1TB hard drive, DVD-RW, Network.
Order additional Hard Disk Drives up to 3 Terabytes below.
DVR400 4-video 4-audio inputs ........ $1,499 (Qty)
DVR800 8-video 8-audio inputs ........ $1,799 (Qty)
DVR1200 12-video 12-audio inp ....... $2,199 (Qty)
DVR1600 16-video 16-audio inp ....... $2,599 (Qty)
DVR2400 24-video 24-audio inp ....... $2,899 (Qty)
DVR3200 32-video 32-audio inp ....... $3,299 (Qty)
DVR4800 48-video 48-audio inp ....... $4,199 (Qty)
Additional factory installed 1 Terabyte HDD
(after 1st Terabyte) HDD-1000GB ....... $199
Datasheet PDF file
Enterprise VR diagram
What is "fps"?
Real-time video signal (NTSC) movie and TV consists of 30 fps (frames per second). Security video recorders are usually set to record anywhere
between 2 to 6 fps per camera. Casinos, where dices are rolling and wheels are spinning use higher recording speed - up to 25 fps per camera.
If you intend to record 15 cameras at 4 fps, multiply 15 x 4 fps = 60 fps. That's the total "fps" you need. A 60 fps DVR will do just fine.
When recording is set to record only when motion is detected, you can get even faster frame rate from less expensive machine, because
"still pictures" with no motion are not being recorded. This also saves Hard Drive space, so you get more days of recorded video.

We have some DVRs "floating around".
Photo courtesy of www.nywatertaxi.com

Windshield mounted 2-Camera DVR records video onto Micro SDHC card.
No hard drive, no moving parts, all solid state recorder doesn't require installation.
Stick suction cup on windshield and plug into cigarette lighter socket.

Integrated 2-camera mobile digital video recorder.
Great for security patrol and private investigator car, emergency vehicle, wheelchair ambulette, medical transportation bus, school bus, taxi, commercial truck fleet, any car or motorcycle with windshield and 12v power.

DVR records video from front camera, video from camera facing driver and passengers, records GPS tracking data viewable on Google map, records time, vehicle speed and G-Force impact shock in an accident. (Car Black Box).

No installation required. Suction cup mounts to windshield, power cable plugs into cigarette lighter socket. Easily moves from vehicle to vehicle, or you can swap Micro SDHC Card after every shift. Compact micro SDHC cards are available at most computer and camera stores.

Requires Micro SDHC Class-6 or higher up to 32GB.
Card is NOT included in the box.

Forward facing camera: VGA CMOS Sensor 120 deg. view, 640x480 30fps recording.
Backward facing camera: VGA CMOS Sensor 170 deg. view, 640x480 15fps recording.
Auto record on power-up, Date, Time, Image, Sound, G-sensor data, GPS data.
Time setting auto calibrated by GPS signal, with internal clock backup.
Operating temp -15 C to +65 C, 5 F to 149 F inside vehicle.
Power consumption: 5VDC+/-5% cigarette lighter adapter, 600mA start, 500mA(IR on), 350mA(IR off).
The DVR has 2 USB connectors. Do NOT connect power into both at the same time. The machine can be damaged.
SD card must be formatted by the player sotware to be used properly.

Download printable PDF file
Download User's Manual
Download SD card class, speed tables

What's in the box:
DVR SD-E07, Driver CD, Card Reader, USB cable, 5V USB converter power cable, User's manual.
SD-E07 ..................... $299 (Qty)
SD-E07 +16GB card ... $349 (Qty)
When you watch the video you'll be amazed how many things you miss while you drive, plus you'll have "front row view" of every incident on the road.
When the memory card is full, oldest video files are replaced with new recording, except files recorded by G-sensor in an accident.

Compact 8 channel H.264 12VDC Mobile DVR with audio and alarm input.
Affordable compact size Mobile DVR great for car, bus, truck, RV, boat.
Many other brands of Mobile DVRs sell for thousands of dollars.

Compact 8-camera 12VDC Mobile DVR w/audio and alarm $459
Shockproof designed hard drive tray and reversible mounting bracket, compact size perfect for emergency vehicles, police cars, private investigators, city and tour buses, RV motorhomes.
USB, Ethernet RJ-45, RS-485, 8 video inputs (BNC harness), video monitor output (RCA), 1 channel audio in/out (RCA), 4 alarm inputs for turn signals, reverse, emergency lights, stop sign on school bus, etc. 720x480 30fps 8 camera recording, 480fps live display. Continuous, motion, and programmed recording, H.264 compression. Compact small size 7.6" wide, 2.5" high, 10.4" deep. 8-36VDC (15W without hard drive), removable HDD rack. Install your own 2.5" SATA hard drive up to 1TB into the removable hard drive tray.
DVR8240_0GB without HDD .... $459 (Qty)
Mounting Options
(click on picture to view larger image)
Click to view larger image FILES:

DVR8240 connectors

Spare HDD Tray ..... $39 (Qty)
USB HDD Adapter .. $59 (Qty)
The USB to hard disk drive adapter provides easy connection of the hard drive to a computer for file transfer and viewing video on a PC. Pull the removable hard drive tray from the DVR, plug into USB adapter. You may also purchase spare hard drive tray and swap hard drives in the DVR. This way the vehicle can be put back on road immediately.

For car video monitors and cameras click here

Mobile DVR wiring into vehicle power.

Click to view larger image Wiring mobile dvr into vehicle 12 vdc power.
Low 3mA standby current draw Multi Purpose Timer 8Amp Form-C relay
(also applicable to lcd monitors, dvd, mp3 players, phone chargers, etc.)
Wiring diagram (pdf file)
Timer datasheet (pdf file)

Optional Timer 1-60min ............. $28.50 (Qty)

Hard to beat deal. 8-ch DVR for $139.

Click to view larger image Install your own SATA hard drive of any capacity
and SAVE BIG on 8-channel H.264 DVR

Ethernet, USB, Support for mobile view from cellphone.
Click on the picture to see larger image.

DVR8137 8ch 0GB ............. $139 (Qty)
Click on picture to see larger image.
Supports 8ch CIF real time recording 240fps or 8ch D1 at up to 60fps.
Dual-stream design network remote view and local recording parameters can be set separately independently of each other.
Recording frame rate 240fps CIF 360x240, 60fps D1 720x480.
Security DVRs are usually set to about 4fps per camera (32fps total per 8 cameras) to conserve hard drive space for more weeks of evidence.
Multiplex function: Live display, record, playback and network live, playback, backup simultaneously, independently of each other.
Super Network function: one browser centralized monitoring CMS software for multiple DVRs (control up to 255 DVRs simultaneously).
Supports multiple backup mode: USB flash drive, USB hard disk and network backup.
Supports full control through USB mouse - all setup and operation features.
Remote view by Mobilephone (Symbian S60, Windows CE, iPhone, Blackbery, Android Smartphone).
Support for PTZ control via built-in RS-485 port.
System auto-recovery on power loss returns to pre-power-down state.

This is desktop DVR that runs on 12VDC power from 120VAC power adapter, so it may be used with Solar Panel and Battery in remote location.

Lot of features packed into inexpensive $359 DVR.
Dual power 12VDC and 120VAC with included adapter.
The perfect DVR solution for home, small business,
convenience store, or anyone who need to view several locations
on the internet at the lowest possible cost per location.

4-Channel DVR with 500GB, Network and USB Backup.
4 Video IN, 1 Audio IN/OUT, VGA and Composite monitor OUT,
500GB HDD, Ethernet LAN port, USB Backup, Remote control. Supports up to 1TB SATA HDD, dynamic IP address, browser, PDA, cellphone viewer and comes with client software to access up to 16 DVRs on one computer screen.
DVR Specification sheet (pdf file)
DVR-460 User's Manual (pdf file)
DVR-460 Network Setup (pdf file)

DVR-460 500GB ............... $359 (Qty)
DVR-460 without HDD ...... $239 (Qty)

4-channel USB DVR for PC and Laptop.

Turn your PC or Laptop into 4-channel USB 2.0 DVR

Record 4 video sources and 1 audio channel to hard drive at home, office, or in the car. Great inexpensive A/V recording quick setup for nanny camera or around-the-clock security.

- Full screen video resolution input:
* With USB 2.0 connection the output resolution is full-screen DVD at up to 720x480 at 30fps.
* With USB 1.1 connection the output resolution is up to 320x240 at 30fps.
- Video system supported: NTSC, PAL and SECAM
- Supports all video capturing/recording formats including DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 with DivX codec, SVCD/VCD, DVD, AVI, WMV.
- High MPEG bit rate adjustment up to 10000kbps.
- Supports color adjustment including brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.
- Video input: 4 RCA composite video, 1 RCA audio input.
- USB powered operation, green LED power indicator.
- Power consumption: 5VDC 250mA(max) through USB port.
- CD ROM included.
- Supports Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista 32-bit.
Does NOT support Vista 64-bit.

DVR-USB4 ........ $39.95 (Qty)

Affordable Analog Tape Time-Lapse VCR.

1280 hours Time Lapse VCR

Prevent shoplifting, employee theft and fraud, enhance safety and security, save proof of all activities at affordable cost.

Variable record times up to 1280 hrs in Time Lapse mode, 40 hrs Real Time recording, Time and Date, on screen programming menu, alarm, repeat, timer and endless loop recording capabilities. IR wireless remote control included.

VCR1 ....................... $249 (Qty)

Dual power, Hi-Res 19" LCD Monitor 12VDC and 100-240VAC.
For use in remote areas - battery, solar, camper, bus.

High resolution 1280x1024 19-inch Active Matrix TFT LCD Video Monitor

Computer VGA input, Composite Audio/Video inputs, S-Video input,
12volt power input.

The video monitor you've been looking for. Use it with any video source - VCR, DVR, DVD, Video Games, PC, anything you can throw at. Connect to 12 volt battery or solar panel for video surveillance in remote area without power. Install in a cabin, RV camper or a bus for entertainment, movies, computer presentation, or advertising. See the specs. PDF file

LCD_Monitor_12V ...................................... $359 (Qty)
Click to view larger image Click
to view
Click to view larger image Click to view larger image Click to view larger image

See additional car video monitors and cameras on DIY page

LCD / Plasma Monitor Bracket.

LCD / Plasma Monitor Wallmount Bracket

Standard VESA 50/75/100 for 10-30 inch monitor up to 44 lbs. Extends 3" to 17".
LCD Wallmount PDF file
LCD Wallmount ... $35 (Qty)

Automate Your Remote Equipment with
Real-Time Event Management and Reporting.

Intellibox I/O 2100 - External Device Server
Your Personal Robot, Watchdog and a Technician in a box.

Network-enables equipment so it can be accessed and controlled remotely over the Internet. Proactively monitors attached equipment - serial RS232, RS485, digital I/O and Ethernet devices. Takes automatic action or performs troubleshooting based on user-defined settings. Capable of rebooting attached equipment over the Internet. Automatically reports device status and results from actions via email, or RSS feed.

SSH/SSL enterprise-grade network security, 10/100 Ethernet interface with 1.5kV isolation (802.3 standard). Product Brochure PDF file
Lantronix Intellibox I/O 2100 ........... $349 (Qty)

Consumer Electronics - Home VCR / DVD.

Dual Deck VCR / DVD Player

DVD, DVD+R/RW, MP3, CD, and CD-R/RW playback
Progressive scan with digital audio out
4-head Hi-Fi VCR
Virtual surround sound system
Built-in calendar, built-in TV tuner
Digital Audio (RCA), Component Video, S-Video out
18 11/16" W x 4 5/16" H x 11 3/16" D
Includes remote

Inexpensive machine for kid's room or guest room.
Play your MP3 collection on your stereo's big speakers.
Dual Deck VCR/DVD Player ................... $129 (Qty)

5.1 Channel DVD Player / Recorder with DV input

DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 playback
Records in DVD+R/RW format
Built-in DV input
Built-in AV inputs for recording from any AV source
Compatible with NTSC/PAL, built-in TV tuner
16.5" W x 2" H x 10" D
Includes remote control

Inexpensive DVD Recorder for home or security video backup
Convert your old Analog tapes to Digital format.
DVD Player / Recorder ......................... $155 (Qty)
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